Wakeworks specialize in wakeboard cableparks engineering for Rixen Cableways GmbH company, world market leader in wakeboard & waterski cableparks. Beside steel structures for cableparks, we also design and produce galvanized steel structures, footbridges, docks and steel floating platforms.



We are manufacturing galvanized steel structures for Rixen Cableways GmbH company since 1995. We use hot dip galvanizing method, which is a progresive way of steel parts and structures protection achieved by diping them into molten zinc heated to 450 – 460°C. Our welding manufacturer approval is DIN 18800-7 and our welders have EN 287-1 qualification.


Since 1998, we have built 75 cableparks in 28 countries for Rixen Cableways GmbH company which stands for more than 28% of all Rixen wakeboard cableparks in the world.



Reduce the risk of malfunctions with a responsible maintenance. There could be different minor or major problems occurring during the operation. Maintenance is a most important part of a smooth operation. Thanks to our rich experiences, we are always at you service for a help.


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All wakeboard cableparks assembled for Rixen Cableways  GmbH company are shown bellow.


about us

Cooperation between Wakeworks and Rixen Cableways  GmbH goes back to the assembly of the Trixen Cablepark in Kosice, Slovakia in 1988. Our highly successfull joint venture include planning and installation of wakeboard & waterski cableparks and since 1995 we have been appointed as supplier for galvanized steel structures for Rixen Cableways  GmbH. We have been installing more then 70 projects, assembling them all over the world, including wakeboard & waterski cableparks in Cuba, China, Jordan, Singapure, South Africa, Japan, USA and Russia. Our work starts at the drawing board then goes to the real-world assembly both above and under the water, as we are licensed divers as well.


In case of any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us via contact form or directly through email, phone or any other provided channel.

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